Product Design: Jawhara, A premium ring box

Back in January I shared one of my college finals, which was a premium ring box. Well, for exhibition purposes, I developed it further and among some of the things I changed were its shape, interior and opening method and, most evidently, its name. It went from ‘La Proue’ (ship bow in French) to ‘Jawhara’ (precious jewel or in Saudi Arabian). I felt the name was most suitable since the shape of the box is quite complex yet resembles a diamond; and it’s very different from every side, just like how diamonds are all absolutely unique and not one looks identical to another.
After finishing the box, I tried my luck and submitted the project to Packaging of the World, and it got accepted and posted, and you guys can find the full post here. That was probably one of the most exciting things I’ve witnessed in a long time! It was on the front page for a few days and each time I went on the website I felt excited all over again. Here’s to dreaming bigger and always taking chances. Well, I hope you guys like it!

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