Handmade: Boho Beaded Clutch

Yes, finally, a new handmade, boho beaded clutch! For a really long time I stopped sewing clutches and was barely inspired or motivated to create anything new. Sometimes I would have so much on my plate (ie: organizing my high school prom back in 2013, entering college, and now college work), and sometimes and I would just make excuses or simply not have any motivation.
Well, that was back then. I actually planned this clutch in my head a very long time ago, although I imagined the design much more complicated than this. I waited until the summer vacation to start sewing it but procrastination took its toll, and well, I was only driven about a month ago to finally put it all together and finish it (finally!!). I originally wanted the entire thing to be beaded but somehow was pleased with a much simpler design. Clean, yet filled with bright, color-blocking colors. It’s got a bohemian feel to it, yet still looks sleek. Let me know what you guys think!

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