If you’re not drinking, then you’re not playing

It’s been a looooong, loooong time, hasn’t it (why do I keep saying that?)? Over three whole months since I’ve last created a an outfit collage or sketched an outfit. The thing is, as much as I would like to come up with excuses for my absence, I’d have to say that the sole reason is my being uninspired. I reached a point where I wasn’t motivated to do anything anymore and pretty much felt lost. It also didn’t help that had an incessant supply of college assignments and so little time.
I went on vacation with my family on spring break and thankfully I’m picking myself back up (I’ve learnt that the only person who really cares about you is…yourself) but I’ll be taking things slowly this time to avoid getting a burnout (like what happened after the holidays earlier this year..).
Anyway, for the outfit I put together today, I was really inspired by the bohemian/gypsy-like outfits that we’ve been seeing plenty of at Coachella. Two things that I have been into recently: kimonos and mom jeans (well, I’ve been into mom jeans for a year and can’t wait to get myself a pair). What do you guys think? :)

fashion illustration
coachella outfit inspiration
Vintage jeans: Levi’s
Aztec print kimono: Band of Gypsies
Grey suede lace up booties: Jeffrey Campbell
Powder blue satchel: 3.1 Phillip Lim (Black version)
White cami: Nastygal
Necklaces: T. Kilburn & Gorjana
Rings: Vanessa Mooney & Jules Smith

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