Designed: My own prom dress!

Most of you know by now that my school prom was over a week ago, and so today I want to take you guys on my little prom dress journey. A year ago I made the firm decision that I wanted to design my own prom dress. I looked for inspiration everywhere, and the fundamental idea was something long-sleeved, belted up at the waist, and open-backed. Below is a compilation of different gowns and even hairstyles that helped inspire me throughout the past months!

Fashion Design Prom Dress

I later had to sketch down different variations of the ideal gown, just to get a narrower concept of what the final dress will look like.

Prom Dress Fashion Sketch Ideas
Prom Dress Designs

The next step was picking out the fabric, which, to be honest, was the most stressful part. I wasn’t sure which fabric to choose, what shade of sky-blue, whether the skirt should be silk or chiffon – you get picture.

But thankfully, you could say that everything fell right into place, and soon enough I had my trusty tailor begin working on the whole thing, and the result was exactly what I had envisioned it (The only photos I got of the dress were during the prom, so excuse the quality!)

Prom Dress Fashion Design

And now for the final part, what do you guys think of it? You’ve seen my handmade clutches before, as well as the usual sketched outfits. But this my debut designer dress, so I’m very excited about it! :)

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