Elle Vox’s Two Year Anniversary!

Yes! That’s true! A couple of days ago, February 27th, to be exact, my blog hit TWO YEARS. It’s been a long two years to be honest, and since I first started blogging, I braved the online shopping experience and made my first purchase ever (which added up to so many that I can’t even count them!), I developed a clutch making hobby which I plan to proceed in the summer, and I posted a total of 83 posts with many more to come.

I was hoping on hosting a giveaway to show how much I appreciate you guys for visiting so often and being my main source of motivation, but I guess for now a HUGE thank you will do! So, thank you to the 448 followers, the 1,200 Facebook fans, and the 21,000 monthly viewers who keep coming back! You guys are incredible!

blog anniversary