Rose gold & burgundy

As we speak, we (my family and I) are in the process of moving houses, and amongst the chaos of packed boxes and items lost everywhere all around the house, it happens to be my sister’s graduation party this Friday. I put together an outfit just to clear my mind of all the commotion and to make it easier once it’s time to dress up for the graduation. :)

As you can see, I’m developing another phase of obsession: chiffon blouses with the buttons closed all the way to the top. You’ve already seen them featured here and here, and I can guarantee that you’ll be seeing them more often in future posts. :)

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Nastygal ankle boots | Zara print shirt | Topshop burgundy jeans | Michael Kors rose gold watch | Bex Rox & Asos bracelets | OASAP quilted clutch

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