Handmade: Sequined Clutch

It’s finally here! The mysterious clutch I’ve been keeping you guys waiting for. The body of the clutch took a couple of hours but sewing on the sequins was the toughest job. It took a little over a week with over six hours a day. I now know the all the pain those designers/tailors go through to make sequined garments and bags – that is, if they’re hand-sewn. :)
I actually carried it to a birthday party a couple of weeks ago, and I didn’t get the feedback I had expected. Whoever I’d show it to would give out the nice comments afraid of upsetting me. Perhaps it’s not their cup of tea – but I want the truth, what do you guys think?

Blue Sequined Clutch
Waterfall Sequined Clutch
Handmade Sequined Clutch
Handmade Sequined Clutch

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